I Am Reminded of Certain Things

I finished the arts and crafts project I was working on. There were a few hiccups (OK several) along the way, but once I learned to stop stressing over it, I could think of a way out of my problem.

Stress and fear really slow down your brain. It’s something I’ve noticed while in retail. There was one customer who was really busy and kept wanting us to ship things to her house, which we couldn’t do. That was the online store. The brick and mortar store couldn’t do that. We could order, but we couldn’t ship things to your house. We simply don’t have that capability. I told her, but she kept pushing for it.

Anyways, I tried to help her and come up with a solution, but I hadn’t thought to write it down because I assumed my manager would (which is a lesson learned-be proactive). So she came and ended up having to wait while someone¬† rushed to pick it up for her. She left and then came back later and we told her we would get it to her in five to ten minutes. She waited for a bit, around the time given to her before saying she was busy and didn’t have time for it. So she left and said she’d come back a different day.

Then, right after she left, one of our sales people brought it over. If she’d waited a minute longer, or even half a minute, she would’ve gotten her item and not have to drive all the way from where she lived to come. I don’t know her side of the story, but she would’ve saved a lot more time being patient about the whole thing.

I wasn’t mad or irritated about it, but I did regret that I couldn’t convince her to stay a bit longer so she wouldn’t have to drive that far. And that someone wouldn’t have had to run over to pick her things up for nothing. She probably felt really stressed since she was busy and this probably translated to her impatience.

This lesson applied to me whilst I was working on my project. Whenever I got frustrated and/or felt pressured (by myself of course), it felt like everything was going so badly, which upset me more. Then I would start pressuring myself (although I did stop when I recognized it). This kept me from properly assessing and analyzing the actual problem; something I can do easily when I’m relaxed and not tightly wound up.

This project was something that really challenged me because not only have I not done arts and craft type things in forever, I also chose a more challenging project. It was a breeding ground for my lack of self confidence to pick up. It got better, especially the more I finished and the more positive feedback I got from my family. And the more sleep I got. That helped too.

In doing so, I was reminded that I need to relax and if necessary, stop thinking too much. Or dwelling on when people are passive aggressive. Or letting my self doubt grow by trying too hard not to feel like I don’t know what I’m doing by overanalyzing things. A fair amount of these issues are a product of my lack of self confidence.

This is just not my week, but you can’t say I didn’t learn.

My gauge of how much I am willing to take from people has shrunk too. By a lot. My gauge of what I’m willing to take from myself has also very likely shrunk as well so I’ll take it as a victory.

One more quick thought before I go: you’re not impatient when you are not willing to take on people’s garbage. That’s not impatience. That’s just knowing your boundaries and expecting others to respect them. Which is something people ought to do in my opinion. If they don’t want to then they don’t want to. Don’t force them. That’s rude.