Today I Went On An Adventure

Today, I had an adventure. A friend and I decided instead of going to city A to visit their gardens, we were going to city B, which was farther. There was little to no planning. Definitely an adventure. We also missed the gardens. They closed just as we finally figured everything out and managed to get there.

From that adventure, not only did I learn that certain cities needs to update their transportation and that buses should actually stop where they should, I also learned a lot about myself.

When I’m tired, hungry, or both, I tend to close off and/or get irritable. When I feel stuck in a situation, I get irritable and then I close off. When I feel like I’m on danger, I will sit up straight and look ahead and of course, close off.

Also I am definitely a plan things ahead of time person. I will otherwise get irritated and yes, you guessed it, close off.

I close off when I’m thinking or tired or annoyed or angry. I’m also very safety conscious. I’m also a bit of a bleeding heart, but if you push me too far, I protect myself by putting up walls.

My discernment is pretty good. I can tell when someone is lying most of the time and when they’re bad news.

When I’m relaxed though, conversation can flow easily. I’m easy to talk to and make others feel accepted. There’s a lot more that I’ve learned, but I need to process them first. There will be more to come. This is a busy week for me.

Also I’m a good driver.