The Things We Learn (And Forget)

Until years and years later…

I have found that the best way for a dark nightmare to dissolve in the light of day is to look straight forward and never look back. When all you think and feel is light and peace then there is no room for darkness or turmoil. Seeking light and peace is hard at first, but like all habits, it becomes easier with time until it is easier than breathing.

While flipping through my old journals, I remembered two important lessons:

  1. These memories of mine only have the power I’m willing to give them.
  2. The less I overthink, the better off I am.

Right now, I’m full of peace. This is good advice.  Truthfully, I’m going to need some more time before I can feel like myself, but this is a good start.

I’m going to be alright. All I need is patience. Patience towards self is still a problem for me, so here is more of an excuse to practice it. One day, my hard work will help turn this weakness into someting strong.




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