Service Is Service (No Riddle This Time Sorry)

One of the things I’ve thrown myself into is service. It’s something I do without thinking, but the are rules of service that require me stepping out and making myself known. I am not good at that, honestly. I tend to avoid people.

Recently though, I’ve decided to become more involved with my church and with service opportunities. Part of it is because this is something I need to do to begin with. The other part is because of necessity. In the end, I’m a self-interested (which is different from selfishness) human as well.

Service encourages you to focus on the problems of others so that you can figure out the best way they would like to be served. Once you do that, you are no longer focusing on your own problems. It actually gives you a breather from your problems in addition to a sense of accomplishment when you complete your task.

Patience is another thing I’ve been learning from this. Whenever I listen to the problems of my friends, I realize that a lot of what we need is patience. Patience with ourselves, others, and more importantly, to withstand our trials.

We need to keep going. That’s all we ever need. My service has been teaching me that over and over again.

Don’trush yourself before you’re ready. Take some time to yourself. Take a break when you need it. Those are what I’ve been telling others, but it’s just now that I’ve been able to truly actively and conciously do it myself rather than end up doing it because my mind and body needed to take a break.

Something about service shines clarity when it comes to things like this. You look at others lives and recognize their problems while wondering if this is how others see your life too. It makes you look at things differently.

You should try it for yourself to see what I mean. Doesn’t have to be big. Sometimes small things can bring about a great difference even if you can’t see the result yourself.

It takes time for good things to take root and grow. We must feed it good things continually. While it may not be easy, like attracts like. I am one of those that truly believes that if you are working towards being good and doing good, then it will attract good things to your life.

Since I want more good things in my life to propel me forwards, that’s what I’ve been doing. Service creates a bond between people. It allows us to step out of our comfort zone. It can change our outlook even if the results can’t be seen immediately.

I really like service. The kind that’s more than donating money-although that’s really good too and I do that as well-is the best kind to me. It doesn’t have to be big. Even if it’s just picking up something someone dropped and handing it back to them, you’re helping someone aren’t you? That’s service. It’s also something some people may say what any decent person would do, but that doesn’t change the nature of this action. Service isn’t always as dramatic as the media depicts.

It’s the kindness and consideration of it that makes it service. Like washing dishes and throwing out trash for someone or making sure someone arrives home safely. Encouraging someone who is sad in a genuine and kind way. Speaking to someone who looks alone and like they want to talk to someone (with genuine intent to be their friend otherwise don’t bother-voice of experience here). Ahem. That sort of thing. Sometimes it’s the ones that few even consider.

For example, I’ve been doing indexing. It’s sort of family history. I go into old documents and type them out so that their descendents can find their information. Old letters bother me a lot because they can be so difficult to read, but this is one of the acts of service I’ve been throwing myself into. If I had the ability to right now, I would extend it to my family history. My ancestors don’t deserve to be forgotten. It’s because of them I exist. I want to keep careful track of them and make it easier for any descendants of my family to be able to as well. This too is service.

That’s what I mean by service not always being something that is what people expect. It’s often times small and overlooked. This doesn’t change the fact that it is service. It doesn’t change the good seed that is sprouting in your heart or in the hearts of those whose lives you touch.

Like I said, do some service for others. Keep at service. You’ll see what I mean.








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