Truth Can Be Found In Unexpected Places

Yesterday, I watched a movie called “The Secret” with my friend. It is about the Law of Attraction and how like attracts like. It was hard to accept at first that focusing on positive things will attract positive things to you and the same with negative things. For example, you don’t think “I will pay off my loans” but “I will receive x amount of money by this year or this time”. Then you believe in it and visualize it so much that you can feel it. You go about your day, wait for inspiration and when you receive it, you act on it.

Before we were even halfway through the movie, I knew deep in my bones that this would be what I needed to push myself out of this grey area and gain confidence and self-love for myself.

I accepted this truth. That if I told myself “I will do this” instead of “I can” or even act as if I already have it, that I will receive it. The moment I did, there was a sudden shift. It was as if the way I had seen the world was blurry and the minute I accepted this law, it became focused and clear.

The human mind is capable of many things. The placebo effect is a good example. Researchers often have at least two groups in a study. When testing pills, they will give one group a placebo for comparison. The placebo effect is when members in the placebo group begin to show signs of improvement or the side effects of the medication. They believed that they would and so they did.

This Law of Attraction is an extension of this idea-that your faith and belief will inspire good things will come to you because your good thoughts, emotions, and simple and string faith that this will happen sends signals out to the universe.  You need to be focused on only positive and good feelings and not dwell on the past or overly negative things. In a way, i’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

Normally, whenever I leave my friend’s house, I need to use GPS, but this time, I could remember. I told myself that I remembered and I did. I put faith in myself and the world around me that I did know this information. This must be what it is like to have confidence in yourself (and your memory). I tell myself that I do, visualize it, and feel grateful for it.

When I watched that movie, I found it hilarious dramatic and couldn’t stop laughing. It wasn’t until I put that aside and earnestly began to listen that I realized this was what I’d been looking for. In the end, all I need was a push forward. All I needed was to hear it stated in a concrete way and look at it from a different angle. I needed to believe in myself and this video, despite how funny or strange it sounded, gave me that.




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