I Can’t Even Talk About It To People (a message to myself)

Some things must be faced slowly. I’m fine most of the time. It is only when I’m reminded of it that I get like this. I’ll be fine tomorrow. Or later today, however you see it. This is what I needed to hear, but maybe it’ll help you too:

Sometimes, there are things that are out of control and you’re the one who suffers for it. Things that can never truly be forgotten because they’ve changed you. You can never be who you were before this happened, but that’s alright. You are allowed to be upset and not ok. You are allowed to take time to work through it. You are allowed to be patient with yourself.

Keep going. Peace is attainable. Even if it’s only just small pockets of it every once in a while, peace can be contagious. Peace is possible. Please don’t punish yourself, however inadvertently, for the wrongs done to you. It’s not your fault. You are innocent. You deserve a joyful life. You deserve to be free. You deserve peace.




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