The Most Important Thing

Why do I find it difficult to think myself worthy of love? I’m always so touched and grateful that I am, but the reason behind it is not healthy. There is a part of me that is often afraid to be left alone again. A part of me still thinks myself unworthy of love and kindness.

When it comes to finding self-love, we must be willing to face our innermost selves, strengths and weaknesses both. No matter how scary it can be. The problem is, I don’t k if how.

What I do know is that I patience-patuence towards myself and that is the hardest thing. I’m starting to find myself beautiful physically and inwardly too, so there’s improvement there. It’s just, we walk around with a lot of knots and tangles inside our hearts. When you find a big knot, it’s hard to unravel since it is often tied with others.

That’s what it feels like sometimes.


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