A Brief Thought on Hope

I was pondering it as I read Turk Evan’s The Storyteller. My digital library had NPR’s 2016 Guide To Great Reads  out and this looked interesting so I checked it out . It is a beautiful picture book with a story within a story, reminiscent of Sheherazade. It takes place in modern day Morocco where a story teller weaves a tale of how a boy saved Morocco from the desert. The message itself is a beautiful and profound one, but there’s one quote I want to share.

“In greed, I came to steal this bird. But, once in its presence, I was filled with hope instead. Reflected in its feathers, I saw myself.”

The bird is meant to symbolize hope. Reflected in hope, “I saw myself”. In life, we must all find our own way, but how much clearer would things be if we could see ourselves reflected in hope?

Fear is an illusion. It distorts our view of the world around us. The more afraid you are, the more willing you are to give up your freedom. Fear begets fear and it will cycle without end if you let it.

We live in a world where fear is natural and hope is for the naive, mistaking fear for caution. We let our eyes become clouded yet disdain the only thing that would allow us to see ourselves more clearly. The way we treat others is a reflection of who we are and in this world, I see many fearful people. They group together and become even more afraid. They look for answers and more scared people, wrapped in charisma and what have you, answer.

So here is another quote for you:

“You must first find hope for yourself before you can weave it for others. ”

Become the kind of person you want to populate this world.




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