A Reminder to All Men

Sorry for the late post. I know there’s a technical next day due to how hours work, but to me, next day is mostly when I wake up after sleeping at night. Here is a quick thought I have had.

Current events in my life have me thinking on those guys that won’t accept a no for what it is. Or get angry because of it. For me, initial rejections have rarely been personal. Thinking on this and why some men may react so angrily made me realize there may be another reason why men sometimes lash out like this.  So I wanted to address it.

To all men reading this, regardless of whether or not you are like the men I mentioned above, this is for you.

You are not less of a man because someone has rejected you.

Rejections do not define you.

Your job does not define you.

Your salary does not define you.

Your car does not define you.

None of that does. Never has and never will. Those that judge you by that are not the kind of people you want in your life. You deserve better.

That stuff doesn’t matter. It’s not like you can take it with you when you die. They only mean something because you give it meaning.

This is what actually defines you.

Your heart defines you. Who you are is important, but the biggest thing is who you choose to be.

Your thoughts matter.

Your actions matter.

There are choices in this world that only you can make. Things only you can do in that exact way. What defines you is not what others think of you, but the kind of person you choose to be.

A rejection is not always personal. Sometimes, there are things out of our control. You are never less of a person, less of a man, because of it.

What makes you a man is intrinsic. You are born one and no one can ever truly take that from you. You don’t need to defend what is already there. You just need to build on it.

It is OK to be hurt.

It is OK to be embarrassed.

It is OK to be defensive.

It is OK to cry.

There’s no need for me to write anymore today. You may not always know what to do when women speak out against men that do not appreciate or respect them. It may feel as if we are always attacking you. It may feel as of a man has no leeway in this world.

That’s why my post is taking a different track on it. Rather than telling you what you should not be, I am reminding you of who you are and encouraging you all to be good men. Not for the sake of women, but for the sake of yourselves.










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