To Do List

I have a problem with getting too stuck in my head and getting stuck in a feedback loop. It’s apparent in my posts. Most of them are introspective, rather than going into what I’m doing about it. So here’s what I have been doing about it.

  1. Focusing on others with service
  2. Spending more time with my friends
  3. Thinking to myself “I’m so grateful that I’m good at moving on” about three times whenever past actions come to haunt me mostly late at night. When you believe and have faith in it, it becomes reality.
  4. Recently, trying to understand how I feel about certain things. I tend to ignore my feelings in a bid to become more rational, but this is not healthy in any way shape or form. Not for women. Not for men. Not for anybody. If I don’t understand my emotions, I can’t understand myself. If I can’t understand myself, I can’t love myself.

So that’s where I’m at with my goals right now.


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