Like Inner Exfoliation

I am constantly revising my perspective on certain concepts and learning to apply them to my own circumstances. in my case, I have grown and its gratifying to see it.

I am trying not to force it, but it really is a sort of inner exfoliation. Sometimes, you’ve got to scrape off the parts of you that don’t really apply anymore, like how you’d scrape off dead skin cells or throw off your many layers because you’ve gone indoors and it’s not cold anymore. In my case, it’s scraping off my hesitation and lack of self esteem. If I want to be full of self confidence and self love, then I need to act like the person I want to be. Then, the rest of me will slowly fall in line.

What has led to this?

I have been replacing this self doubt with better, more affirming habits. By focusing on the person I want to be and pushing myself forward every time I begin to look back in a negative way, it is easy to outgrow my old mindset.

It isn’t that there aren’t bad things in this world or bad habits in all of us, it’s that I’m choosing to focus on the good and not dwell unnecessarily on the bad. I want a whole picture so I try to acknowledge weaknesses and strengths in others and in myself. There is darkness in this world and we must remember that, but before that, we must remember that the light is more important. We want the good things in life so we should focus and strive for them accordingly.

Keep at those good habits. Then they’ll start to become second nature. It won’t be easy, but you’ll be happier for it in the end. The best things in life require hard work and the determination to see it through.

Self love is a journey that will never end. When you find something good, you want to share it with others. Self-love is that good thing. When you are full of love, you want to share it with others.

Now, I want to say something. Something important. Something I hadn’t put together because of my own hesitation. It’s hard for me to change sometimes and I hadn’t known what to do or how to do it, originally. Yet, as I  wrote this post, it all became very clear.

This blog has all but reached its end. There will be one last post after this to tie it off and that’ll be that. There are still so many things I need to learn.

I haven’t learned to love myself yet, but I have learned to trust myself. Why then, am I ending this blog? I am ending this blog because when I started it, I didn’t truly understand how personal a journey this is.

As I’ve said before, everyone has a different path. They have different strengths, weaknesses, and inner thoughts. That’s why we all must seek our own path and there is a point at which we must acknowledge that there are things that we need to choose for ourselves and the best way to do this is to keep it private. If I ever share it, it’ll be because I’ve worked through it even more and decided it for myself.

That’s been my approach to this blog. A lot of this is not very specific for that reason. It’s mostly introspection. However, as I’ve grown to become more aware of myself, I’ve also needed to go more into detail. That’s where my journal comes in and that’s why this blog is ending.

There’s in no point in it. This project has ended where it needs to end, with me having learned to trust myself and at the foot of a path towards a greater understanding of myself and the role I hold in this world.

Thank you, Philautia Project, for allowing me to grow and see myself at a deeper level than I normally care to look. Thank you, any readers that I’ve had. I hope this was as rewarding an experience for you as it was for me.

Thank you!




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