The Final Post

When I started this blog, my life was in shambles. I was unhappy with myself and where I was going. For the longest time, I didn’t know what to put for my final post on this blog, but now I do.

I don’t want to look back and count my regrets. I want to look back and see my triumphs and regrets both, side by side. Today, I have finally achieved that. Were it not for the help I received and my learning to accept it, were it not for all that guidance, I would never be where I am today. How can I possibly explain it all in one post except “Thank you”?

Thank you for staying beside me. For supporting me. For lifting and encouraging me when I needed it the most.

Recently, I was feeling dissatisfied with the kind of person I was becoming. Life is about making choices. How can I live when I’m not willing to make my own choices? I chose then and there to be active in my life, to make the choices that would reinforce that and to keepakimg those choices. There’s still more I have to learn and trials I will definitely have to overcome, but for once, I’m not scared. I’ll trust in my God always, but I’ll also trust in myself. There’s a reason why He believes in me and slowly, I’m finding more and more reasons why. This isn’t because I don’t love myself that I find more reasons. It’s because I do love myself. Love is a continual process. You can not expect to stop working on it and still expect to be there.

I will not always be okay, but I can definitely handle whatever comes on my way. I’m at peace with myself and peace makes all the differences. For those of you that read this rambling, unplanned blog, thank you.

Your journey will not be the same as mine, but that’s how you know it’s yours and that you’re you. What works for you may not work for me and vice versa. Find out what works for you. It’ll be alright. I know it will.
(I’m going to leave this blog up. I can’t say why, but if it helps even one person, then it’s more than worth it. )





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