Philautia is the latin derivative of the Hellenistic Greek word for self-love or self-conceit. For the Hellenistic Greeks, self-love was self-conceit. This is a belief that has survived to this day. However, I have found that in the absence of genuine self-love, it is self-conceit that springs up to feed the emptiness that exists in the absence of that it.

The Philautia Project is for me and only me-to write as I please. This blog documents my journey in the pursuit of Philautia, or self-love. It is also a declaration of intent and a method of accountability; a way to focus on myself.

The initial goal was to write every day for a month. This goal was, for the most part, met. Now that that month is over, posts are now to be made every other day.

Posts made on this new schedule will have comments, pingbacks, and tracebacks open. Please be civil.