Journals Are Everything

Today is a day of thought and reflection for me. I've been having a lot of days like that recently. Yesterday though, I pulled out my journal and wrote down the feelings that'd been bubbling inside of me. I can't let go what I don't understand no matter how much I want to. I blamed … Continue reading Journals Are Everything


The Things We Learn (And Forget)

Until years and years later... I have found that the best way for a dark nightmare to dissolve in the light of day is to look straight forward and never look back. When all you think and feel is light and peace then there is no room for darkness or turmoil. Seeking light and peace … Continue reading The Things We Learn (And Forget)

Looking Back

I was talking to a friend about the challenges he was facing. It made me think back and realize that throughout this month, there was something I was fighting above all else: fear. This blog records my fight against fear in the pursuit of self-love. For many years, I walked through life afraid. So very … Continue reading Looking Back