Like Inner Exfoliation

I am constantly revising my perspective on certain concepts and learning to apply them to my own circumstances. in my case, I have grown and its gratifying to see it. I am trying not to force it, but it really is a sort of inner exfoliation. Sometimes, you've got to scrape off the parts of … Continue reading Like Inner Exfoliation


To Do List

I have a problem with getting too stuck in my head and getting stuck in a feedback loop. It's apparent in my posts. Most of them are introspective, rather than going into what I'm doing about it. So here's what I have been doing about it. Focusing on others with service Spending more time with … Continue reading To Do List

Right Now

Do you know what the best feeling in the world is for me right now? Being able to look at my reflection and think myself beautiful. It's the feeling of a marvelous epiphany and growing realization all at once. There's happiness, wonder, and surprise that comes with realizing it wasn't that my looks changed. Just … Continue reading Right Now

Just Keep Swimming

Sometimes, there are times when you could've made a better impression or spoke more softly to others. For the latter, it seemed more like they were having a bad day and losing the debate was the last straw. I tried to make things better, but I didn't really point out their opponents weakness beforehand (since … Continue reading Just Keep Swimming